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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is one of the fertility treatments available at Dr. Shilpa Fertility Centre in Bangalore, governed by the highly qualified and experienced fertility expert Dr. Shilpa G B. 

She combines her clinical expertise with personalized treatment to help childless couples to achieve their dream of becoming a parent. We are known as the best IUI clinic in Bangalore for safe and effective IUI treatment.

IUI Treatment in Bangalore

What is IUI treatment?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that is performed through the uterus. It’s beneficial in the treatment of infertility caused by a range of factors.

It is the most commonly used method of artificial insemination today. In the IUI treatment, the prepared sperm is directly injected into a woman’s uterus with the hopes of fertilizing her egg.

Good-condition oocytes, and around ten million motile sperm, are needed for a successful IUI treatment. Looking at the reason for infertility, IUI therapy may involve ovulation induction, which stimulates the ovaries to supply numerous eggs within a single period of time (cycle).

At our IUI Centre in JP Nagar Bangalore, we work hard to deliver effective treatment at the most reasonable and best IUI cost in Bangalore.

Treatment procedures at our IUI centre in JP Nagar Bangalore

The IUI treatment process takes place in three stages.

1. Collection and preparation of semen.

2. Observation of ovulation.

3. Insemination.

Collection and Preparation of semen

At the iui center, the male partner is asked to provide his sperm sample. To differentiate the normal sperm that are highly active from the sperm that have irregular morphologies and poor motility, the semen is transported to the lab to be cleaned and separated to make a highly concentrated sample of healthy sperm. The utilization of this concentrated sperm sample improves the odds of having a successful pregnancy.

Observation of ovulation

Ovulation is going to be closely monitored by checking specific hormones before the procedure to inseminate the egg is performed. By using ultrasound, a fertility doctor can identify ovulation. The person undergoing IUI may need to take medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce more than one egg. 

For that, an injection to induce ovulation could also be administered. When ultrasound suggests that ovulation is happening, the procedure for artificial insemination (AI) is arranged.


Once a fertility doctor has determined the foremost appropriate time for insemination, the procedure is arranged and administered in a fertility center setting. The treatment takes just some minutes and does not need the use of any drugs or painkillers. 

The doctor implants the catheter into the uterus and injects the already prepared healthy sperm into the uterus. A pregnancy check is conducted two weeks following the insemination process to determine whether the procedure resulted in a pregnancy or not.

When IUI treatment is performed?

When it involves treating infertility caused by endometriosis, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is usually the first therapy attempted.
The male partner may have poor sperm contraction, weak motility, or sperm that are aberrant and shape, all of which contribute to mild male factor infertility.

IUI treatment could also be used in conjunction with ovulation-inducing drugs if ovulation disorders are the root cause of infertility.

Our IUI treatment can help you achieve parenthood.

IUI cost at our centre in JP Nagar Bangalore

IUI treatment cost depends on various factors, like location, center, etc. The IUI cost at our centre in JP Nagar Bangalore, is economical. We are dedicated to providing affordable fertility care to all sections of society. 

When it involves ensuring that patients get the best possible treatment, our center in Bangalore is usually striving hard to integrate innovative technology, up-to-date medical knowledge, and cutting-edge practices. Our fertility centre offers IUI treatment at affordable costs in Bangalore.

Why We are Termed as Best Hospital for IUI in JP Nagar Bangalore?

  • Cost-effective IUI treatment centre in JP Nagar Bangalore.
  • Patient-centric approach with holistic care.
  • Highly trained fertility specialist.
  • State-of-the-art facility and individualized treatment plans.
  • Advanced clinical laboratories.

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The IUI cost in Bangalore depends on various factors. However, the IUI cost at our center remains cost-effective.
No, the IUI treatment cost is less expensive than IVF in Bangalore
Five million sperm per insemination are needed for IUI approximately.
No, getting IUI treatment doesn’t increase the risk of birth defects.
Most of the fertility specialists aim for one or two eggs for one IUI cycle.
No, IUI treatment is basically straightforward and safe procedure with a minimum amount of risk in major consequences.
The intrauterine insemination is the first line treatment for various forms of infertility caused by different reasons. In situations of unexplained infertility, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is usually the first treatment that is indicated.