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TESA is a procedure that is performed on men whose sperm is being retrieved for IVF/ICSI or for other purposes. It is done under local anesthesia in an operating room or office setting, and it is timed to coincide with the egg retrieval of their female partner.

The Procedure of TESA

In TESA, a needle is inserted into the testis, and tissue and sperm are collected from the testis. TESA is performed on men with obstructive azoospermia (as a result of a previous vasectomy). 

An open testis biopsy is needed when the TESA procedure does not provide enough tissue or sperm.

After completing all PESA procedures and confirming that there are no sperm in the vas deferens or epididymis, TESA is considered done. 

A tiny needle will be placed directly into the testicles, and testicular tissue will be aspirated by pulling the plunger out of the testicles with the plunger dragged out. 

TESA should be used in conjunction with PESA to ensure adequate sperm quantity and quality.

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Who should consider TESA?

Obstructive azoospermia, a vasectomy, and other conditions can all impair a man’s ability to reproduce. TESA is a safe and effective option for such men who still wish to have a family. 

It is also often recommended for men who are unable to have children on their own for a variety of reasons, such as zero sperm count and ejaculation problems.