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Many childless couples from all around Bangalore have benefited greatly from the fertility services offered by Dr Shilpa’s fertility centre. We are one of the top and best fertility centres in Bangalore.

By constantly delivering quality fertility care, we have helped 1450+ people achieve their dream of becoming parents. Make an appointment with the leading fertility & IVF clinic in Bangalore to receive superior infertility treatments. Our  fertility centre offers the best chances of pregnancy with the help of the best fertility specialists in Bangalore.

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Why we are the top fertility clinic in Bangalore?

Being one of the best fertility clinics in Bangalore, we provide top-class infertility treatments.

Our Centre is led by Dr Shilpa G B. Our top fertility clinic offers treatment for all gynaecological and fertility-related issues. We offer fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and egg and sperm freezing, as well as a number of gynaecological procedures. We also specialize in offering,

Dr. Shilpa GB is a well-known obstetrician, gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon, and fertility doctor in Bangalore. She has spent her life in assisting childless couples in becoming pregnant through artificial reproductive technologies. She is one of the leading fertility specialists in JP Nagar, Bangalore & nearby areas.

Furthermore, she is well-known for handling a number of difficult situations involving fertility-related problems with extraordinary competence and a high success rate. She has performed hundreds of IVF, IUI, and ICSI procedures and has successfully treated many childless couples in her fertility hospital in Bangalore, by using all the available infertility treatments.

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Best Infertility Doctor in Bangalore - Dr. Shilpa G B

What people say about Our Fertility Clinic
Swomya Girish

Thanks a lot to Dr Shilpa GB we have been facing infertility problems since our married life... We met Dr Shilpa fertility center we have undergone with an IVF mam. now I have conceived twin babies feeling very happy. Shilpa mam great in her profession thanks alot mam .Really grateful for the entire team .

Sridhar Punniamurthi

Thank you Doctor Shilpa G B for all your support for us. 🙏 We lost hope after couple of IVF failed with other reputed hospitals. After we met you we have got an hope by your special attention to us for our problem. We are now over whelmed with joy of our son. 🙂 We are sincerely thanking you for good care taken in our case even during this COVID situation and hospitalization issues.

Sudhindra R

Very good place for all ladies problems under one roof. Doctor listens to the patient carefully and does correct diagnosis. We came here w.r.t. some problem for my mother 77 yrs. and Doctor suggested Hysterectomy. My mother is fine now after her surgery. All the staff members are very cooperative. I would recommend this place for any gynec. related issues.

Manjula B

Great experience as a first timer. The staff and Dr. Shilpa mam were all very friendly and helpful. I especially greatfull to Dr. Shilpa mam really took her time and guided me on every visit. I had a great experience on my first delivery she was very supportive and motivator and Also I highly recommend this clinic my friends and nearby people.

Novonil Ghosh

We got our first baby in the hands of Dr Shilpa and we cannot thank her enough. She has been very friendly and was always ready to answer any of our questions calmly. Her clinic has all the facilities which helped us immensely because we were not needed to visit multiple centers for various tests or scans. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Shilpa.

Aishwarya Sundar

Simply the best Gynaecologist! After consulting many doctors for our fertility issue, we decided to consult Dr. Shilpa.G.B simply based on the numerous positive feedbacks which we saw in Google. And our decision proved right. We are finally blessed with a healthy baby after 12 years of wait!

Archana Ramesh

Dr. Shilpa, the Gynaecologist, recently performed my laparoscopic surgery. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, my experience was overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Shilpa's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to patient welfare turned a potentially daunting experience into one of assurance and ease. Her team mirrored her professionalism, making me feel well-cared for and valued every step of the way. My recovery has been swift and comfortable. Thank you, Dr. Shilpa and team.

Bindu s

Every married couples have dream for baby. Here Right place recognise the problems for fertility and dr Shilpa madam is currect Dr for solving the problems. Most important is recognising the default mam will expert in that, now I have beautiful girl baby after 6 years.thank you Shilpa madam we are say heart fully thank you madam . I will suggest who have fertility problem please come and meet the dr shilpa madam full fill the dream thank you

Giri Shetty

We are the couple's facing infertility issues since our married life one of my friend referd Shilpa mam in shanthi shell and we met madam madam given advice for an IVF and we also under gone with IVF in first cycle only we got positive result with twin pregnancy it's miracle in our life unbelievable we are completely satisfied with mam treatment. This all happened in my life because of her as she is the one who is down to earth,very helpful and she also gives confidence which boosts your mental health . Thank you so much to Shilpa mam and her team

Renukappa L S

Dr shilpa gb done a great job because we are the couples marriage life 15 years but no kids we visted many hospital no results, but by God grace we meet Dr shilpa she is the one who advice in proper way.. Mam fulfiles our life with bright thourgh her ivf treatment.Now we had a son their is no more words to mam we are very thankful to bootom of our heart mam did a excellent in her professiona great job. Dr shilpa gb highly recommend.

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