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Women are not the only ones who are going to benefit from fertility preservation. Sperm freezing is also used as a kind of future reproductive insurance for men because, as they age, their sperm count and motility both decrease.

It is a simple procedure that doesn’t require much time and is sometimes referred to as sperm banking or cryopreservation of sperm.

Sperm freezing
This may be useful when the male partner has to travel frequently and cannot be around during ovulation, like army and naval officers.

The Procedure of Sperm Freezing

After obtaining your sperm sample, we will place it on a warming block that is set to 37 degrees Celsius so that the sperm can turn into liquid. At this point, we will mix your sperm sample in a one-to-one proportion with freezing medium.

This ensures that your sperm will endure the freezing and storage procedures.

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Sperm samples are carefully frozen in liquid nitrogen vapor. The samples are placed in special containers after being frozen, where they are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen until they are needed for analysis.

Each ejaculate may produce one to six vials of sperm. The names of the patients, the day they were collected, and a unique number are put on the side of each vial of sperm in the semen samples. 

This information will be required to catalog your sperm sample in a storage facility.

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The percentage of sperm that survives after cryopreservation may change dramatically depending on the circumstances. In some circumstances, depending on the quantity of sperm you have stored in a bank. 

we recommend thawing one of the cryovials so that we can assess how well your sperm can be preserved and thawed.

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Who can get their sperm frozen?

You may choose sperm freezing for the reasons listed below:
  • Some cancer patients choose to freeze their sperm prior to treatment, because the disease and its treatment may permanently impair fertility.
  • Men who are exposed to risks at work which may affect their sperm might consider freezing their sperm.
  • Men undergoing vasectomy may get their sperm frozen.