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Best ICSI Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Shilpa Fertility Centre is highly recognized as the leading and best ICSI hospital in Bangalore. The treatment is performed by a highly competent fertility specialist, Dr. Shilpa G. B., who ensures patients receive the best fertility care.

She offers individualized therapy using state-of-the-art technologies to help childless couples conceive a child. She provides the best ICSI treatment in Bangalore. Visit our center and get the best treatment for ICSI.

ISCI Treatment in Bangalore

What is ICSI treatment?

An intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a type of reproductive technology used to help couples conceive. ICSI may be used as a part of an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process if you and your spouse are trying to conceive a child.

ICSI is the most successful infertility treatment option for men with low sperm counts, less mobile sperm, and sperm with abnormal morphology.

It is used in almost half of all artificial reproductive methods. For ICSI, only one sperm is required, and it is injected directly into an egg. Once the egg (embryo) has been fertilized, it is transferred to your uterus (womb).

Our ICSI treatment center in Bangalore is built with cutting-edge technology and focuses on addressing patients’ specific needs.

Best ICSI treatment in Bangalore

The two methods for fertilizing an egg are traditional IVF and ICSI. In classic IVF, 50,000 or more swimming sperm are placed close to an egg in a laboratory dish, and the process is repeated several times.

When a sperm enters the cytoplasm of the egg, fertilization takes place. In the ICSI process, a single sperm is injected into the center of the egg using a micropipette, a very small needle, which causes the egg to become fertilized.

The fertilized egg (now known as an embryo) develops in the laboratory for 1 to 5 days following fertilization, depending on whether the process is classic IVF or ICSI. After fertilization, the embryo is transported to the woman’s uterus (womb).

We provide the best ICSI treatment in Bangalore, assisting childless couples to become pregnant.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Bangalore

Our ICSI treatment center in Bangalore offers ICSI treatment at a reasonable price. Our goal is to make fertility treatment accessible to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dr. Shilpa is committed to providing patients with the finest possible care. As part of this dedication, Dr. Shilpa Fertility Centre in Bangalore is constantly working to integrate cutting-edge technology with the most up-to-date medical knowledge and clinical practices.

Since its inception, the hospital has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive treatment to its patients. Dr. Shilpa G. B. has received extensive training and experience in the fields of gynecology, obstetrics, and fertility treatment.

which enables her to diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases. Our ICSI treatment costs in Bangalore are affordable and available to people of all economic backgrounds.

Why we are the best ICSI hospital in Bangalore?

  • Cost-effective ICSI Treatment in Bangalore
  • A High rate of success.
  • Procedures performed by Dr. Shilpa G B, a highly qualified fertility specialist
  • Technologically advanced ICSI treatment center
  • Safe ICSI treatment in Bangalore
  • Clinical Expertise

Dr. Shilpa fertility center is one of the best ICSI hospital in Bangalore. Because we’ve high success rate compared to others.

The ICSI treatment cost in Bangalore depends on various factors like the tests, location, services, etc. We work hard to ensure that the ICSI treatment is available to all people at an affordable cost in Bangalore.
Despite the actual fact that needle aspiration is an easy technique that may be conducted under anesthesia, there’s a modest risk of discomfort associated with it. Within the majority of instances, it causes little pain.
Yes, there are a many chances for multiple pregnancies after IVF or ICSI treatment.
Of course, yes, the ICSI treatment is safe and secure.
The ICSI treatment procedure has about 50 to 80 percent success rate.