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Colposcopy is nothing but a diagnostic procedure that allows your healthcare practitioner to examine your cervix, lower uterus, and vaginal wall for abnormal tissue, inflammation, and other abnormalities which will be present. 

A special illuminated microscope called a colposcope is employed during the process to magnify the tissue that lines your cervix and vagina.

Colposcopy Treatment in Bangalore
In certain cases, a colposcopy is also required to investigate your symptoms or as a follow-up assessment after an abnormal pelvic examination or Pap screening.

The Procedure of Colposcopy

During the procedure, your healthcare professional will insert a speculum into your vagina with the help of a cotton swab or a spray bottle. 

After that, your healthcare professional will gently wash your cervix once the device has been placed in its proper location. 

The appliance of a 3 percent to 5 percent dilute acetic acid solution to your cervix can help your practitioner view the region and differentiate between normal and abnormal tissues more clearly.

Following this, the colposcope is positioned near your vaginal entrance so that the light shines directly on the vagina and cervix.

Your healthcare doctor will carefully observe what they will see and make a note of it. Through the colposcope, it’s often possible to see the expansion of blood vessels, bleeding, or abnormalities.

Your healthcare provider may administer Lugol’s solution, which contains iodine and iodide. When normal cervical tissue is exposed to Lugol’s solution, it turns brown, whereas precancerous cells turn yellow.

Finally, if necessary, your healthcare expert may plan to collect a tissue sample from the unusual locations. You will feel some minor discomfort or cramping during this biopsy procedure, but it should subside after sometime.